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Tour Booking Agencies in Canada

Below is a list of travel agents and travel agencies in Canada that can assist you in planning your next trip. They can help you with booking your travel accommodation online as well as helping you find cheap flights for you and your family. We have provided full contact details for the travel agents and agencies so you can easily contact them at our convenience.

1. BTS Travel & Tours

323 Silvergrove Drive N.W.
Calgary AB, T3B 4M4
Phone: (403) 286-1205, Toll Free: 1-877-929-9019
Web site: www.btstravel.com
Tour attractions in Canada
Canada Tour

2. Get-a-way Vacations

Pat Klassen,
Prince George - BC Canada.
Phone: 1-877-964-3212
Web site: www.get-a-wayvacations.com