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Tour attractions in South Africa

Sightseeing Regions

Table Mountain
Table Mountain is one of the world's most striking natural wonders. The Mountain towers over Cape Town and Table Bay, its presence is substantial throughout the Cape Peninsula. On top of the Mountain you may wander along a myriad of pathways or enjoy a drink or snack at the restaurant / coffee shop. It is possible to walk up and/or down the mountain using a wide selection of trails. Table Mountain features various high cliff faces and a number of climbing routes lead up to the top.

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Garden Route
The Garden Route is a tourism paradise combining excellent infrastructure with scenic natural attractions. The coastal N2 Highway provides easy access to most Garden Route towns and villages but is far enough inland, in most places, not to spoil the region's mostly rugged coastline. In between towns and villages long stretches of the rugged coastline is only accessible via hiking trials or mountain bike tracks making it a paradise for adventure and nature lovers.

Tsitsikamma National Park
Tsitsikamma is a forest area on the whole of the Garden Route, equaled only by the forests in the Knysna area. Most of the indigenous forests in the western section of the Garden Route fall within the Tsitsikamma National Park. The Park not only conserves indigenous flora and fauna but also marine life as it incorporates a marine belt stretching 5.5km into the ocean.

Keurbooms River
Most tourists cross the Keurbooms River enrooted to or from Plettenberg Bay without noticing it exploring this very scenic tidal river is more than worthwhile. A simple ferry operates regular trips. The village of Keurbooms, also known as Keurboomstrand is not actually located on the River's banks but a short way east of there. It is wedged between the ocean and an overgrown hillside. It features a small sandy beach next to the Arch Rock Caravan Park. The actual Arch Rock is a short walk from there.

Buffels Bay
The small holiday village of Buffels Bay is located on the coast Knysna. Its remoteness and non-commercial laid-back atmosphere are its biggest attractions. It is linked by a long sandy beach to Brenton-on-Sea and offers good sea swimming and snorkel diving.

Inland salt-water lakes
From Knysna the N2 cuts through the interior as it heads towards Sedgefield, 20km west from the former. It then leads further to Wilderness some 16km away. Along this route a couple of inland salt-water lakes are found. They are mostly very shallow and are the result of seawater seeping through coastal dune fields. The Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe passes some of these lakes, which are rich in bird life. They are also popular for water activities. The lakes are all called "-vlei", the Afrikaans word for wetland. The more prominent lakes are Groenvlei, Swartvlei, and Langvlei.

Hoekwil is located slightly inland from Wilderness in the foothills of the beautiful Outeniqua Mountains. It used to be a bit of an isolated backwater. It offers peace and quiet as well as great views onto the lakes, rivers, mountains and shoreline of the surrounding area.

Kruger National Park
The world-renowned Kruger National Park in South Africa was established in 1898 to protect the wildlife of the Lowveld. The huge reserve stretches across two provinces - the Mpumalanga and Limpopo Provinces. The national park covers an astonishing 20,000 square. It is a 400km journey to travel from the most southern gate to the most northern park entrance. A well maintained network of roads, developed in such a way as to cause the least harm and disturbance to the environment, makes the park very accessible to self-drive visitors.