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Tour attractions in Seychelles

Our pick of Beaches for You

The Grand Anse Mahe Beach: The Grand Anse Beach in the Seychelles often figures in list of the best beaches of the world. It is usually known to be one of the more accessible beaches. The beach has blue pristine waters with wonderfully textures and clean sand. Winter is an ideal time to be here when the climate is great and the windy atmosphere gives you also the wonderful opportunity to go surfing. Offshore winds are from the north northeast. Most of the surf here comes from groundswells and the ideal swell direction is from the south. The beach break provides left and right hander’s as well as a right hand reef break. It’s not usually crowded so you are more are less going to get a lot personal space to soak in the beauty of nature.

Baie Lazare Beach: Baie Lazare is a small district, which is located in the Mahe region of Seychelles. It is just approximately a 45-minute drive from Victoria, or 35-minute/20km from the airport. The beautiful beaches of Baie Lazare are very popular tourist attractions. It was originally named after the French adventurer Lazare Picault who was the first person to discover Baie Lazare while investigating the whole island of Seychelles. The beaches are very clean and the whole atmosphere has a sense of calmness attached to it. Specifically along the southern stretch of the Baie Lazare you will absolutely at home surrounded by lots of palm trees and cool shady spots where you can relax and enjoy you time with family and friends. The beaches of Lazare are ideal for sun-bathing and the clear water allows tourists as well as locals to indulge in all kinds of water sports such as scuba-diving and surfing.

Petite Anse Beach: This is another popular destination in Seychelles long list of beautiful destinations. The Petite Anse falls high up in the list which would delight the human eye with beauty. The beach located in the Mahe Island has crystal clear turquoise waters and lovely textured sand. At both ends of the beach water rocks are conditions that are suitable for snorkeling. Off the coast you can find small crabs, hiding from the heat Sun. Interested Visible clarify sun the groove form the beach, surrounded by forest and a very green valley add beauty of this beach. With many rocks on some parts of the shores of the beaches it may not be the ideal family retreat especially if you get your kids along as it would be prudent to have an eye on them at all times considering the wave can get large at times. However the trees that surround the beach like the palms located alongside it gives the beach a lot of natural beauty and also provides coolness to the surroundings.

Takamaka Beach: This beach is located in South West coast of Mahe Island. The Takamaka beach has been named after the Takamaka trees which have thick, waxy green leaves. This trees are pretty common in Seychelles and are wonderful option to use as shade while relaxing at the beaches. Anse Takamaka is a fantastic beach and very private one too. At most part of the year you will not see the beach crowded. This allows people a lot of privacy and is a great place to visit for couples. The beach has neat little coast line with clear waters and sandy shores. Surely a picturesque spot for a couple looking for the perfect honeymoon. While the shores do tend to be a bit harsh it may not be the most ideal for swimming or snorkeling. But it’s perfect for tanning, relaxing and getting your feet wet enjoying the feeling of being able to appreciate nature’s gifts. Anse Intendance, on the south coast, has been lauded as one of the most beautiful beach in the Indian Ocean. The most vibrant hues of blue make this beach among the prettiest on Mahé and a single glance at its half mile of powdery white sand strongly reinforces this claim. Anse Intendance is located approximately 15 km from the airport. Take the Intendance Road and take road at the junction with the sign of Bayan Tree Resort. With no reefs it is a surfer’s paradise. The cooler season in Seychelles is during the southeast monsoon season (late May to September) and the warmer season is during northwest monsoon (March to May). Takamaka trees provide ample shade along the beach for those who prefer to stay dry.

Saint Anne Beach: Sainte Anne’s Island lies just 3 miles off the gentle east coast of Mahe and a short transfer of 10 minutes from Mahe by road to Sainte Anne Wharf with a further boat transfer of 12 minutes. A moment’s glance of scenery around this island is sure to take your breath away. The natural beauty of the place is well preserved from the spoils of commercialization that has affected most of our planet. The turquoise waters wrap themselves around the soft white beaches and invites guests to discover its best kept secrets – the exotic marine life well preserved in this Marine Park. Sainte Anne Resort & Spa is built on a 200 hectare private island, affording guests the ultimate in stunning Seychelles scenery & luxury. The hotel is the only one located on the island and credit must be given to the management for being able to preserve the beauty of Sainte Anne.

Anse Volbert Beach: Anse Volbert / Côte d'Or is a dazzlingly white stretch of beach and the crystal clear sea. Clearly here is a perfect spot for swimming and water sports. Further out in the bay, around Chauve Souris Island and St Pierre islet, the snorkeling is superb experience out this region. The hospitality in the town is just as overwhelming as the scenery is on the beach and browsing the village shops is a pleasant way to meander through the streets. The beach resorts and spas here provide immaculately elegant surroundings to complete what might be the ultimate beach experience.

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National Parks & Botanical Gardens

Seychelles have some amazing parks and gardens. A visit to many parts of Seychelles would be like time travel. Bullock carts would be the only form of transportation in secluded part of the islands that also gives you your dose of much needed privacy.

Vallée de Mai: A UNESCO world heritage site. This beautiful place is full of coco de mer palm trees that produce the largest fruit in the world and the place also has many vanilla orchids. The place also is the home of some rare species of birds like the Bulbul and the black parrot.

Ste Anne Marine National Park: The park is comprised of six islands with boat trips starting from Victoria harbour. This is one of the most accessible parts of the Islands with beautiful coral reefs that makes it a fantastic option for snorkeling.

Morre Seychellois National Park: Is located in the big island of Mahé and has an impressive mountain range that is home to this national park. The peak is among the highest in the country and serves as an exciting vantage point for the World below. Enjoy a day hike into the lush forest, with breaks along the way to appreciate the visually-vivacious vistas.

Apart from that there are also the following attractions that you should visit when you visit the beauty country of Seychelles

George Camille Gallery: A fine museum that depicts glimpses of the local Creole culture. The studio at Cote D'Or on Praslin Island is a popular spot for tourists looking for a cultural attraction.

Beau Vallon Bay On the northern end lies the superb Beau Vallon Bay. With unrivalled natural beauty and rich ecology the place is the perfect spot for scuba diving. There are also two ship wrecks among the reefs that should arouse considerable interest.

Creole Festival This is an annual festival that is held during the time of October in the capital Victoria that celebrates the beauty of Creole culture and how it influences life in the island of Seychelles. There is great food, music, drinks and a lot of party and fun to be a part of.