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Tour attractions in Russia

Historical Regions

Kremlin Palace
The Kremlin has always been perceived as a symbol of power and might of the Russian state, the national idea expressed in stone. It is the oldest part of the city, its political, historic and cultural centre, and the seat of the country's highest bodies of power. The Kremlin contains unique specimens of Russian metal casting art - the Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon (1586). Besides, it is the site of several museums.

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The Red Square
The main square in Moscow and Russia, the Red Square together with the Kremlin make a harmonious architectural collection. The Red Square witnessed many important events in the history of the Russian state. The northern side of the Red Square is bordered by the building of the State History Museum, which was erected in the 1870-1880s. On the eastern side there is a large department store built in 1893. The Red Square is famous with brilliant Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, popularly known as St.Basil's Cathedral which is at the southern end of the square. The Cathedral was built by Russian architects Barma and Postnik. Near the Cathedral of Vasily, there is Lobnoye mesto. It was used to proclaim tsar's edicts and to hold various religious ceremonies. Next to the Cathedral stands the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, Russian national heroes, defenders who led the people's volunteers in 1612.

The State Tretyakov Gallery
The State Tretyakov Gallery is one of the largest museum of Russian national arts. It was named in honour of art patron and art collector Tretyakov, who donated to Moscow the family collection of paintings in 1892. On display here there are the specimens of early Russian art of the 9th to 17th centuries, including the icons from Kiev, Novgorod, Central Russia painted by Andrey Rublev, Simon Ushakov, Dionysius; world famous pictures; drawings and sculptures; interesting exposition of the Russian avant-garde of the 1920s; the Soviet art of the 1930s.

The Hermitage Museum
The Hermitage Museum is one of the biggest museums in the world which was founded by Catherine the Great in 1764. Here is a treasure trove of famous works of Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael, Titian, Velazques, Murillo, Rubens, Van Dyke, Hals, Poussin, Watteau, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, Michelangelo and Rodin.

Sightseeing Regions

Vladivostok is surrounded by the Ussuri Nature Reserve and the Far East Maritime Reserve. Nature lovers can find bumbling black and brown bears, Siberian boars, majestic Ussuri tigers, the rare Amur leopard and colorful migratory birds in these reserves.

Velikiy Novgorod
Velikiy Novgorod is located on the banks of the river Volkhov River which is about 120 miles south of St.Petersburg. This amazing ancient city was founded more than 11 centuries ago and is a popular tourist attraction today. Many of the historical monuments are now restored to its former splendor and glory.

Sochi National Park
Sochi National Park the first National park founded in 1983. Located in the north-western part of the Bigger Caucasus, the park is unique due to the fact that no elsewhere in Russia subtropics and uplands coexist so closely. More than one hundred of monuments of history and culture are registered on the park’s territory: from the Old Stone Age to the medieval ages, including ancient settlements, dolmens, and ruins.

Prielbrusye National Park
Prielbrusye National Park situated in Caucasus is recognized as one of the mountain skiing centres. In the area of the Azau meadow on the territory of the national park there is an ecological path where tourists can get geological knowledge have a chance to enjoy a variety of changing landscapes.