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Tour attractions in Poland

Historical Regions

This unique town is surrounded by Jurassic rocks with ruins of medieval castles looking down upon Czestochowa. Along with being a historical town with magnificent scenery, the town is also known for being the home of many miracles at the Jasna Gora Monastery. Many those visit this Poland attraction stand in awe at the architectural design of this 15th century monastery.

Another top historical Poland attraction is the Auschwitz concentration camp. There are three major camps to explore, which is about 37 miles west of Krakow. During World War II in the largest Nazi execution camp around 1.5 million people perished. A horrible exhibition in the former camp makes the visitors rethink the basic ideas of humanity and dignity.

Poland Tour

Krakow is one of the top tourist attractions in Europe. Most of the city guests are captivated by its magical atmosphere and the splendid architecture. In Krakow you can see mediaeval cathedrals, the Renaissance castle, Baroque churches, the Art Nouveau theatre and many other monuments.

Warsaw is a city with many activities and things to do from visiting the 13th century Royal Castle to enjoying traditional Polish cuisine at the various restaurants. Warsaw is also home to Old Town which offers cobblestoned streets, markets, and various charming shops for all kinds of items. The Lazienki Royal Gardens and the Palace on the Water may be one of the most popular attractions in Warsaw.

Sightseeing Regions

Bieszczady Mountains
The soft green mountains sprinkled with traditional wooden churches are one of the quietest areas in Europe. The extraordinary wildlife and picturesque landscapes make it an ideal holiday destination. Bieszczady is the most beautiful in summer and autumn, whereas during winter they invite the fans of skiing.

Tatra Mountains
The Tatra Mountains offers skiing at its finest for beginners to experts with magnificent views from the highest mountain in Poland. The Tatra Mountains are always at the top of the list for Polish tourist attractions especially Wielka Krokiew, which is a ski jumping venue.

The cheerful maritime city is popular with both tourist and holiday destination. Situated by the sea, it has a gentle climate and beautiful beaches. The exclusive architecture of the Old Town, including the largest brick Gothic church in the world is undoubtedly worth exploring. The present image of the city was created by its complex history. Gdansk used to often change hands and in 1980 it witnessed the birth of the Solidarity movement, which brought the end of Communism.

The Teutonic Order was founded around 1190 in Palestine to crusade against the Muslims and pagans. In the 14th century the Teutonic Knights conquered a pagan tribe of Prussians and moved their headquarters from Venice to Malbork on the Nogat River which is now northern Poland. A trace of their presence in the town is the imposing red brick castle from 1274 on the river bank, which is the largest Gothic fortress in Europe.

Masurian Lakes
Masurian Lakes is a picturesque land of reputedly 3,000 lakes. For sailing fans, fishermen, hikers, cyclists and those who seek tranquility, the Masuria is the number one holiday destination. There are castles in Reszel, Nidzica and Gizycko, the amazing Baroque church in Swieta Lipka and the Hitler's wartime headquarters in the forests near Ketrzyn.