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Tour attractions in Kuwait

Historical Regions

Grand Mosque
Kuwait mosques are located in different corners of the city. Located on the Arabian Gulf Street, Grand Mosque is known to be the largest mosque in Kuwait. It covers an area of 45,000 square meters. The architecture breathes a traditional Islamic style. This mosque of Kuwait was opened to the people in June, 1986. The mosque area is beautifully adorned with waterfalls, green gardens, colorful flowers and palm trees. There are a total of 21 doors in the mosque which is made of Al Sag or teakwood. The walls are designed with Islamic geometrical signs and verses from Quran. Various Islam ceremonies are observed with great devotion in the mosque. The prayer hall has an accommodation capacity for 10,000 people. There is also a prayer hall exclusively for women.

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Tareq Rajab Museum
The Tareq Rajab Museum is located at the main city area of Kuwait. The museum has the collection of above thirty thousand items collected by Tareq Sayed Rajab and his beloved wife Jehan Wellborne. The items are about fifty years old. The Tareq Rajab Museum in Kuwait represents the valuable effort and works through the precious collections.

Kuwait National Museum
The Kuwait National Museum was the first museum of Kuwait was earlier located in the residential building of Sheikh Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah. The museum exhibits all the artifacts in the three blocks. The administrative offices and galleries are present in another block of the museum premises. The archaeological discoveries in Failaka demanded the instant set up of a museum. Three main divisions of national museum are Islamic paintings, library, Planetarium. The latest division to open up to the public was the planetarium.


Kuwait Zoological Park
Kuwait Zoological Park is one of the very popular tourist spots of the country. The Zoo is present in Omarrya on Airport Road, which is in the outskirts of the Kuwait City. Kuwait Zoological Park is spread over a sprawling area of about 180,000 square meters of parkland. During the Iraqi occupation of the country, Kuwait Zoological Park was completely destroyed and most of the wild life had succumbed to the devastation. However Kuwait Zoological Park was once again developed through a sincere process of reconstruction.

Zoological Park in Kuwait Key Features
The zoo is a home to numerous species of birds, animals, insects and reptiles. The tigers, zebras, lions, elephants and giraffes of Kuwait Zoological Park are the key attractions. Every tourist makes it a point to visit the Kuwait Zoological Park. The place is a hot favorite with kids who love to gaze at the animals and learn about them.

Amusement Park
Visiting the amusement parks in Kuwait is an important part of sightseeing in Kuwait. The Kuwait amusement parks have all that is required to entertain the visitors. Amusement park is a place where people visit so that they can get refreshed from their routine life and works. It is wrong notion that the amusement parks are only made for the kids or younger people. The Kuwait amusement parks are famous among all the people there as the parks provide the sports and activities for the people of all age groups. Some of the famous amusement parks in Kuwait are Al- Madina Al- Tarfihiya, Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park, Kuwait Scientific center, Ras Al Ardh, Aqua Park.

Kuwait Musical Fountain
Kuwait Musical Fountain is one of the charming attractions of Kuwait. It is quite close to the ice-skating rink present in the Shamiah area of Kuwait city, so people can see both the places in a single visit. The rink is quite large and a smaller one is present for women and children. When the Iraqis had occupied the country, Kuwait Musical Fountain was badly destroyed but later the damages were restored. Kuwait Musical Fountain is present in the country's green belt region and contains 220 fountains on 3 pools. The other attractions of Kuwait Musical Fountain are games for kids and an exciting cafeteria.

Kuwait towers
The Kuwait towers are a must visit sightseeing destination with a huge water reservoir, restaurants, cafeteria and a revolving observatory. Opened to public in 1979, the tower also has water reservation facilities, which provide water to Kuwait city. The towers were designed by architects Malene Bjorn and Sune Linderstrom. The total water holding capacity all the towers taken together amounts to 45,000 cubic meters of water. The Kuwait towers are a representative of modern Arabic architecture.

Liberation monument
The Liberation monument marks the freedom of Kuwait from its Iraqi colonial powers. It the highest tower in the world and is among the most important Kuwait attractions. The liberation monument is the world's largest telecommunication tower. The tower is located in the city of Kuwait. The liberation monument is of 372 meters and its height is 40 meters. The liberation monument speaks of the Iraqi aggression. During the Gulf war Iraqi troops had occupied Kuwait. The liberation monument as the name suggests stands for Kuwait's revival from Iraqi aggression during the gulf war. The front of the tower, from the ground to the first floor is decorated with tiles made from ceramic.