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Tour attractions in Canada

Sight seeing regions

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls - Ontario, the world famous waterfalls with majestic beauty adds to the appeal of Canada as a tourist attraction. The gigantic Horseshoe Falls offers a spectacular sight. This natural wonder of the world can be better viewed if one takes a cruise ride which takes the tourists within close proximity of the falls. Canada Tour

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Banff National Park
Banff National Park was the first national park established in Canada. The park consists of 2,500 acres of land in the Canadian Rockies and regularly attracts nature lovers to its glaciers and meadows. There are two towns within the park: Banff and Lake Louise. Both are filled with galleries, museums, and cultural attractions.

Mont Royal Park
Mont Royal Park is located at the highest point in the city of Montreal. Within the park there is a ski trail, an oratory, and a Roman Catholic Basilica – amongst many other attractions. The park, named for the city, captures the attention of tourists each year.

The Bay of Fundy
The Bay of Fundy, one of the natural wonder, across the eastern provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, is also a major tourist draw. Approximately 1.2 million visitors a year come to wonder at the world’s highest tide and to take in the myriad natural phenomena, including several species of rare and endangered whales.

Stanley Park
The 1,000 acre Stanley Park lies within the city limits of Vancouver. Visitors come to walk amongst the cedars, hemlocks, and gardens. There are few small restaurants scattered within the park grounds.

Richmond village
We can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation at the scenic Canadian Village of Richmond. There are several unique populations in Richmond. Again Richmond houses a number of buildings of historical importance.

River Regions

Vieux Port
Vieux Port, also known as Old Port is one of the major attractions in Canada. The riverfront is completely separate from the nearby Port of Montreal but has its own distinct and attractive fascination. During the summer months there are circus shows and dances while during the winter months patrons stop by to see the Montreal High Lights Festival and fireworks shows.

Harbourfront Centre
The waterfront in Toronto consists of 10 acres of sheer beauty. We can see ice skating rink, a large boardwalk, and a number of great ships on display. One such ship, the 1812 War Privateer of the North Atlantic, allows visitors to come on board and look around.