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Russia, also the Russian Federation is a transcontinental country extending over a vast expanse of Asia and Europe. With an area of 17,075,400 km˛, Russia is the largest country in the world, covering almost twice the total (land and sea) area of the next-largest country, and has significant mineral and energy resources. Russia has the world's eighth-largest population.

Russia has always been a popular tourist destination with regard to its extensive area and beautiful landscapes. Moscow, capital city holds a rich history of 300 years of existence. Moscow has been the hub of Communist party leaders. Red Square and Kremlin are testimony to this fact. St. Petersburg is another prominent Tsar city. The rich legacy of Tsar kings is exhibited in Summer Palace and Hermitage Gallery. St. Isaac’s Cathedral is one of the landmarks of the city.

Tour attractions in Russia

Travel Agencies in Russia

Tour operators; design their packages to enable tourists to cover all destinations within a stipulated period. Lake Baikal, largest lake of Russia has more than 300 rivers flowing into it. A boat ride on the river is an enthralling experience. Irkutsk, a popular destination holds the Wooden Architecture Museum amidst forests as a major tourist attraction. Travel to Baikal is easier from Listvyanka. Trans- Siberian train starts its journey from Beijing (China) passing through Baikal reaches Moscow. An expedition along the cold mountains is thrilling.

Explore Russia with its unique cultural and historical patronage and make it your next tourist destination.