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With the tranquil waves of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas lapping on its over-300kms of coastline, the heavily mountainous Albania is a country with a torrid history and a promising future. The precise origin of the Albanian people remains a subject of contention, but most now accept the supposition that they were among the earliest inhabitants of southeastern Europe. The roots of the Albanians themselves may well be yet something of a mystery, but the creation and history of their small nation is well documented and is highly relevant to understanding and appreciating modern-day Albania on our Albania tours.

Albania is progressing towards development by encouraging tourism. Trips to Albania do not prove heavy for your budget, as it is in any other European country, if you are fond of exploring and being adventurous. Holiday packages for honeymooners are really worthy of mention. Adventure is the keyword of Albania. Great mountains and thick forest cover provides the perfect backdrop for adventure. Many hotels offer great lodging and excellent food. Cuisine has Turkish influences in its meat and seafood delicacies. Travel to ancient city of Burkit, Illyrian town of Gjirokaster, valley of Lura is a true delight. But since the country lags regularized system of charges, one has to be cautious while traveling within the capital city of Tirana, beach city of Vlore or any other city of Albania. Be adventurous, take your partner and step in to the place of beauty: Albania.